securedownload (4)Morning

Hope everyone is well and getting settled back in a routine after the holidays.

Lots have been going on there and its kept me busy. Have hit a bit of a downer but I am on my way back up and getting a routine going again.

I published my first book and I am thrilled about that. You can find the link to my book on my website

The knitting and crocheting are going well, I have really cut down on projects and even put a few on the shelf for now. Trying to keep it down to no more than 3 projects. I did make a decision to start a mystery afghan and it is interesting to say the least. I am still looking for new patterns to try to have had a few suggestions sent my way which I am looking at with great interest.

Phil and I renewed our wedding vows and I am loving my new ring he got me for my birthday. It is an infinity ring.

The weather here has been hard to handle at times but it’s getting better. We finally got a cool few days and I am hoping to get some house work caught up.

I am still taking a little time to rest up and get some other things done before baseball season starts in April

Take care