20150315_134950This past Saturday Phil and I along with many mates of the Crows supporters Group we met on face book, gathered at Footy Park or Aami Stadium to cheer on the Crows against Port in the final football game of the NAB pre season but also to say good-bye to the park.

It was amazing to be there and to feel all the energy, getting to see the boys play for the first time this season. A few of them we met at the Crows Member Day a couple of weeks before. The boys were really nice and have a great sense of humor. Phil and I got to meet Coach Walsh and he was amazing to get to have a chat to.

We missed Tex kicking the first Super Goal, they boys were behind at the first break.  The second quarter, the boys were kicking at our end. It was great to watch them work and cheer them as they kicked goals.

Half time came and we had a good lead. I just took a few minutes to take it all in, the sounds and smells. How I was feeling, it would be the last time we would be there for a game. I remember my first game at Footy Park, it was against North Melbourne. It was all our war it felt like. Wayne Carey was playing for Adelaide.

It was an amazing second half and the Crows won. We stayed til the boys had gone off the field. We cheered loud as they left , a few walked over and acknowledged us and that was great, we were loud and proud.  Proud of our boys.

Phil and I bid our mates a good night and started for home. We stopped at the top of the stairs and took one last look around. I just wanted to capture that moment one last time, that feeling of standing in a place that holds a lot of good times.

I hate the fact that it will be tearing down, making way for apartments. History will be gone soon but we have the pictures, stories we can share with those who were there. Phil and I can say that we were there when the last game was played. That is the real reason I wanted to go, so I could say I was there for the last game. To be a part of that history. We still had a blast, forgetting outside issues for a while, screaming my lungs out til I sounded like Kermit.

Thanks Footy Park for all the great memories, we wont forget you.