The last couple of weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster to say the least. Not only events around Australia but in the USA that really shook me a bit.

I actually broke and allowed myself to be vulnerable for survival, and it got me to examine a few things.

Most of Australia will know about Andrew and Myuran and how the story ended. Being raised in the USA, I never really had to deal with the death penalty and the fall out of things. What everyone seems to forget is all of the good work the boys did in the jail. How the space that they created, if you wanted to enter you had to take a drug test and IF you failed you were not allowed to enter. We have no clue how many people that they helped. I really hope that those left behind will carry on the work they started.

What rocked me to the core was hearing about that night and how the boys looked after everyone til the end. They sang hymns, Andrew took a roll call and NO ONE was wearing a blind fold. Amazing Grace is my favorite hymn and I it will never be the same when I hear it as my thoughts will be of that fateful night. I went on to bed, I just could not wait for what I knew was coming, Phil kept watch for us and came to bed when the news arrived. (I cant see the screen for the tears, the emotions are still raw)

The boys have arrived home so they can be finally laid to rest.

It was so hard to find any positive out of this terrible event but I did come to realize how blessed that I am. How focused how we become in life that we miss the little things or just miss those special things period that we need to see.

A Lot of you know that I blog the Chicago White Sox Baseball Team, I have had days off from rain, cold, flood but never due to riots that took place in Baltimore. I was kind of at a loss as to what to do but it was a good reminder that I live in a safe place, that if something happens at times, stupidity takes a back seat to common sense. I was not completely sure as to why it all broke out until a couple of days later when all the charges against the cops were announced. Sure, I was disappointed that they lost the game they played, I was more happy that they were out of there and safe.

This past Saturday the news of Princess Charlotte’s birth arrived and it was great to finally have some good news. For a few hours everything was OK in the world. Finally some happiness to put a smile on faces.

All of this has made me take a little stock on those things and people in my life and to see that I need to practice being grateful a little more than I do. I have a great partner, two wonderful daughters and super grandkids. My Sorority Sisters are truly amazing, My church family give me strength and amazing support when times are tough. I live in an amazing country and my home country is a little messed up but its still home to me. Thanks Ron, for your use of waffles and a fanny slap when I need it. (hehe)

So, Heres the question – When is the last time you stopped and gave thanks?