Testing the waters here to see if there is an audience for Monday Night Raw overviews. My opinions are expressed here.

Tonight’s post Payback, and how Seth Rollins managed to keep the bloody belt is beyond me but we can thank Kane for the assistance.  Triple H and Stephanie showed up spouting all things nasty and managed to put down Daniel Bryan for doing something that a lot of fans were sad about but also completely admired him for. We wish him the best, and hope that he can recover and make some sort of return.

The first match of the night was Ryback and Sheamus, with Sheamus winning thanks to another cheap shot. Both men will take part in the Elimination Chamber for the Intercontinental Championship. The other 4 competitors will be named later in the show. R – Truth, King Barrett and Rusev have been named to enter the chamber

I am loving Dean Ambrose and how out there he is. He can kick your arse one minute and have you laughing the next. Dean just went around with Kane and calling him Seth’s lap dog.

Neville in a rematch with King Barrett. I really like this guy. He has come from NXT. He is scrappy but has a lot of heart. Who should show up and ruin the moment but Bo Dallas. Neville defeated Bo Dallas to start his long run of the NXT champion.

John Cena was in one hell of an “I Quit” match at payback and who knew when it would end. It was Rusev who in some language according to Lana uttered the words giving John the win. Rusev is a good wrestler don’t get me wrong but the storyline is getting to be a big much. Lose the story line and reinvent Rusev. I like Lana,  but she needs to get the reindeer antlers out of her arse. Once again Rusev humiliates Lana in front of the RAW fans.

Dean Ambrose match with Ray Wyatt(the man scares the crap out of me)  was going along well until J and J Security were sent to the ring to interfere and make sure that Dean lost.  How long before J and J have outlived their useful need and get beaten out of the WWE.

Tag Team Titles will be defended at Elimination Chamber. Kid and Cesaro against 2 members of New Day. Woods of New Day has been banned at right side due to his actions at Payback.

John Cena on scene to defend the United States belt in his continued open challenge. LOve John’s passion and defending the title each week. Unlike Brock Lesnar who sat with the title for almost a year not once defending the title. John has issued the challenge for tonight and here comes Kevin Owens from NXT, who currently holds the NXT title. Let’s talk about disrespect and being so stuck up yourself.

Dolph just finished his match and out walked Lana, well, we got lip locking going on. WTG Lana, I wont tell you who she just slapped but the place went nuts. I will leave this one for you to look up.

I smell a rat in the Diva’s Championship defense as Nikki Bella defends the belt but with Steph’s so call concern for Brie Bella and her mental state over Daniel Bryan . It was not Brie that came to Nikki’s rescue but Paige, the TRUE #1 challenger for the title.

Celebrating the fact that Kane saved his bacon(Seth) because its good for business I am actually watching Raw with the sound down, because I don’t want to lose my breakfast. Dean Ambrose has shown up to spoil things, Seth refusing to give Dean a rematch for the title, ” Go to the Back of the line” is all he could say. Look this one up kids.