Happy Memorial Day. The final event at the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, New York

What a beautiful moving tribute to those who have given their life so that we live in a free country. We THANK YOU for your service.

(just a reminder: this is my view on today’s show)

Elimination Chamber is this coming Sunday, May 31

Show opens with the authority coming to the ring. The problem they have is called Dean Ambrose. Once again we have to listen to the bullshit of the authority, doing exactly to Seth what he did to him, Dean got the title match but they made him pay for it. According to Seth, Dean is no threat. Hello kids that is when mistakes are made. The ring is full of The Authority and is demanding that Dean come to the right and sign the contract. Dean is not as stupid as everything thinks. Dean decides to take a chance but here comes Roman Reigns, looks like Dean has some back up.

Main event happening next. Dean and Roman against Seth and Kane. Can someone please explain to me the thoughts behind J and J Security. They are scrawny little pansies that can’t do anything but get beat up. I would love to see a steel cage match with Dean, Seth and Roman and everyone else barred from ringside. Roman and Dean just BEAT Seth and Kane. Seth is having a screaming fit at the Ref.  Even with help and Seth still can’t win.

Enough of Rusev, and his disrespecting of Lana. Love the fact that she came out and planted one on Dolph. That is a story line I would love to see be developed. I am actually glad she slapped him. R-Truth is about to get his back side kicked (he tapped out). Which I think was the smartest thing. Rusev is asking for Lana to “Please” come to the ring. He is refusing to leave until she comes. Picked a bad day for this story line about crushing the USA. He is begging her and I hope she tells him to stuff it. Well, he took her back but for how long. Rusev just told Lana all he wants to hear is say “I was Wrong and it was HER fault” Rusev just told Lana that he owns her, she got back in the ring and told him to get lost. Hey Dolph, that was some KISS

Well, Triple H just had Dean arrested for simple assault of a cameraman.  Geesh, every trick in the book to make sure he doesn’t sign.

Ryback in the ring now. I really like his toughness but he is also very positive. Still has the ribs taped from his match with Ray Wyatt. With the Elimination Chamber this coming Sunday, that injury could work against him. Today Ryback is in the ring with King Barrett, who is doing everything to keep those ribs sore.

Dolph and Sheamus going at it and Lana has walked out and is watching  from the stage. Waiting to see if this will make a difference. Well, thanks to Rusev Dolph just lost the match, now here is Rusev in the ring and Lana is watching on.

John Cena on his way to the ring for another Open Challenge. Last week, the so-called Champion of NXT Kevin Owens showed up and got all up himself, that he would Wrestle John his HIS terms and he got what he wanted. A match at Elimination Chamber. John just issued the challenge, the cast of Entourage just walked out, they just introduced Zach Ryder. Zach made one mistake and John made him pay. John showing the respect that he has for Zach and the Entourage stars.

A 10 on 3 tag team match, that is what happens when your New Day and you run your mouth. This is going to be good. Needless to say body’s flying all over.

Well here is, The Authority, running off at the mouth. showing video that it was SETH who pushed the cameraman into Dean. So, here they are gloating about Dean, setting him up, making sure he got arrested and now, here came Roman taking on everyone in the ring. This storyline really needs to end, tired of Steph the bitch and everyone being so damn condescending. Holy Shit, here comes Dean and after a ring clearing Brawl, Roman showed up with the contract and it is signed and official

Never underestimate Dean Ambrose with the help of Roman Reigns