Photo 22-11-11 16 03 53 (1)Phil and I are finally able to see that the light at the end of the tunnel is just a bit brighter with a lot of hard work. We are finally able to start saving for a trip home to see my girls and meet my grandbabies.

Getting to this point took a lot of hard work and giving up a lot, at times to make it to this point. We also had a lot of screaming fights, that is if you were to listen outside the door you would have thought we were headed to divorce court.

We have both gone without a lot but we have also treated ourselves.

We have changed how we pay bills, how we talk about making purchases. We keep each other in the loop about what we spend.

We started by paying our car registration on a monthly basis. We have one savings account that is just for our direct debits. We take out what is needed each fortnight (that is when we get paid) and it  sits in the account. We also pay our RAA, Crows Membership, Chrisco and the Vet using the same account. Phil has the only card to this account. If there is extra money in the account once all the bills have been paid and all.  I have to ask him for the card to make the purchase.

With Phil on disability and I am his carer we are paid by Centrelink. We use what is called Centrepay. We use it to pay our phone, electric and rent. We also pay our rent to own bill using Centrepay.  It does help to build a good standing with the phone and electric company because they can see that you are making steady payments and on time.

So Phil and I can see how we are doing, I write out on a separate piece of paper each bill with each payday until the bill is paid off. I cross them off each payday and the bill hangs on the wall until we can confirm that the account is officially closed and only then does it come off the wall. Yes, I have added bills but I have also taken bills down. Even with getting an advance from Centrelink I do a  page and it goes up on the wall until it is paid off.

We are now seeing the work starting to payoff. We have a little money saved in another bank account and as each bill is paid off we will add to it. We are currently saving for a quick trip to Sydney next May to visit some mates coming in. Once home, it is back to the grind of getting ready to go home to the USA. Yes, it’s 2 years ahead but it will take the 2 years of work to make it.

So, Here’s the Question, “How bright is the light at the end of your tunnel?”