Morning Kids,

I am following all the news of the current pay per view on Twitter. There have also been some other, what I will call gossip for now, and news about Money in the bank.

*Brock Lesnar – I read today that he was supposed to return at Summerslam for a rematch with Seth. He will return in July, as the ratings of Monday Night Raw has dropped. The rematch could be scheduled for Battleground, but the question would be what would be the main event for Summerslam?

*Money in the Bank Ladder Match – June 14, in Columbus, Ohio

Kevin Owens and John Cena will have a rematch. The first 6 entrants into the match have been announced. Roman Reigns, Randy Orton,Neville, Dolph Ziggler,  Kofi Kingston, and Sheamus.

*Elimination Chamber –  I don’t want to give too much away incase you haven’t seen anything.

* Zack Ryder and Goldust – I am not really phased by this one. Dusty Rhodes finally found his feet as a half way decent wrestler. If you notice, Gold Dust has disappeared.

*The Miz interviews Daniel Bryan. I really hope that Daniel is able to return one day. Not a fan of the Miz, he seems to think that he can fix everyone and that everyone owes him. Daniel is at tonight’s event to present the new Intercontinental Champion the belt.

*Tag Team titles – The new day have managed to hold on some how to the belts. I am not quiet sure how they managed to pull it off but they did. I would think that at the next pay per view that there will be a rematch, a title defense at Summerslam for sure

*Diva’s Title –  Nikki Bella holds on to the title. I was happy to see page back and get the title shot she rightly earned. No one was allowed at right side so Tamina and Brie were not there.

*John Cena and Kevin Owens (Non title Match) – this one you really need to look up and watch.

*Neville and Bo Dallas – Payback is a Bi*** and that is what Neville got to give to Bo. I doubt it but many Bo has learned NOT to stick his nose in where it doesn’t belong.  the had quite the rivalry in NXT and it has reared its head again here in WWE

* Side Note on the Rollins Ambrose Match – Triple H told Roman that if he comes to the ring or interferes in the match in any way that Dean will be disqualified.

*Intercontinental Championship Match –  I am over the moon on this one. You will be surprised by who is now the holder of the belt. I have become a big fan of his and I wonder if he got enough to eat today? (Rusev was not allowed to compete due to a broken foot.)

*Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose – Well, we all know how this one will end at the start. With J and J Security and Kane at ringside, everything you can think of to stack the odds against Dean will happen. It is getting old, all this”It’s best for Business Crap” . If the ratings on Monday night Raw are going down what does that tell you. I wont give away the ending but Monday Night Raw will be explosive