Sorry for the late post as I was away when Raw aired here in Australia and today I am playing catch up.

Most of today was post Elimination Chamber mini events as I will call them.

*Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins – after making sure the Ref got knocked out and by DQ Seth Rollins managed to hold on to the win BUT, guess who took the belt. I see his point, he actually won the match so it is his belt. Boy are The Authority pissed and I am loving it. Love seeing Triple H throw a temper tanny as we call it here in Oz. Roman has shown up and got that shit eating grin on his face. Seth has a screaming fit which in a way is about time. He is always listening to everyone else, being the good boy, but this time, Seth got in Romans face and accepted the rematch, telling everyone that he would do this by himself that he needed no ones help. To keep his spot in the Money in the Bank, Roman must win his match tonight.

*Roman Reigns first match is King Barrett. Roman has the better strength but Barrett is full of attitude and since winning The King of the Ring, he has a new snobby air about him. Roman’s next match is against Mark Henry. Roman wins by count out. Roman’s final match is against Ray Wyatt who scares me more than Freddie Kruger. Roman is dealing with an eye that was raked by Barrett in the first match and everyone seems to keeping it going. I have no idea where Roman is getting the strength to keep kicking out. Here comes Seth, Kane and J and J to make sure that Roman does not win. Roman wins with a nasty spear.

*Nikki Bella – must defend the belt against Page but what was not caught til the end of she and her twin Brie kept swapping out, pay attention to the times she rolls out of the ring.

*Ryback – It is great to see him with the best, but it gets spoiled by the return of The Big Show. Ryback’s original match was against The Miz(who thinks he is the best at everything.)

*Kevin Owens and John Cena – Kevin showed up to boast about beating John but he was pissed that his Son ask how John was. John was in the house and set him straight, about a lot of issues. I love the kid that held up the sign that said I am beating Cancer. John told him that is the reason why he does what he does. John told him at Money in the Bank that he WILL win.

*Randy Orton – I was never a fan of his till he beat the crap out of Seth Rollins. I was actually glad he paid him back. He is going up against Sheamus.Sheamus wins by a DQ and still not giving up.

*Rusev has a broken foot and not cleared to wrestle at this time. No clue when we will return.

*Bo Dallas – according to him , he tried to help Neville but he really hurt him. Overflow from their NXT.