Morning all, today’s show has started with a bang so let’s get to business.

*John Cena opens the show, talking about sunday’s pay per view, Money in the Bank. (on smack down on Friday Kane is the final entrant in the main event. ) Guess who just showed up, Kevin Owens. Yea, I guess this storyline is OK but Owens just bloody arrogant, John can walk, the walk and can back it up. Owens has taken it upon himself to end John’s career once and for all. It should be John winning the match at the pay per view. Neville has walked out and told Kevin Owens that he is a dick and wants the NXT belt back. John is moving to the announce table.

*Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins – I really want Dean to win again but how will The Authority play their part. Seth swears that he does not need anyone to do it, and Dean excels at ladder matches. Seth is now sucking up to Steph and Triple H but told them he doesn’t need J and J and Kane. Triple H is letting him pic his opponent for tonight.

*Diva’s division – The division is starting to fall apart, the Bella’s pulled to Twin Magic. My view, Nikki Bella needs knocked off her high horse and I think Paige is the one to do it.

*Roman Reigns – his three match win to keep him spot in Money in the Bank. The Authority threw everything but the kitchen sink for helping Ambrose. I really have no clue how he found the place to make it through all that. Roman in the ring chatting about Sunday and out walks Kane. Kane is running his mouth about how he is in the match on Sunday to protect The Authority’s interest. LOL – R Truth ( that was funny) What Kane keeps trying to say is that the wrestlers who are taking part in the main event will be in singles against each other tonight.

*Money in the Bank Singles – Sheamus and Randy Orton. Dolph and Kane are now beating each other to a pulp. Dolph and Kane both have previous Money in the Bank matches. Rusev shows up to harass Lana and she ends up stepping off the stage wrong. ( I am not liking this storyline at all, Rusev standing there laughing at her)

*Can someone please explain to me what The Miz is and why is he still around. The Big Show and Ryback.

*Tag Team Action — New Day Sucks. That is all. Roman Reigns against Kofi Kingston in singles action. That was great timing by Roman to get Kofi and win the match,

*Main Event – Seth Rollins against J and J Security. Seth was told by The Authority to pick whoever he wanted. FYI” Dean Ambrose is sitting at ringside. J and J had the balls to say that Seth was nothing without them.  Kane has come to the ring with J and J.  Thanks to Dean Ambrose, J and J security BEAT Seth. Dean gave back the best but he still lost. Thank you Dirty Deeds and the best is back with Dean.