I just got a subscription to WWE Network and we have “Money in the Bank” LIVE. I will try not to spoil too much, for those of you who have not had a chance to see it.

Lets go to Lillian

*Money in the Bank Ladder match – This is going to be anyone’s match tonight. It is a tough field.  Randy Orton, Neville, Kane, Dolph (with Lana at his side). Sheamus, Kofi Kingston, and Roman Reigns is last to enter. Right now its, lets beat everyone to a pulp. Roman gets the tick for using the first human into a ladder, Kofi went flying and Neville on top of him. Randy is RKO everyone all over the place. Heading to the top is Randy with one hand on the case, Dolph and Sheamus smacking each other around at the top of the ladder. Just out of reach of both. Roman flew and took everyone out but New Day has shown up and helping Kofi to win the briefcase. HOLY SHIT Ray Wyatt just showed up and ruined Roman from getting the case. Thanks to Ray Wyatt, Sheamus is Mr.Money in the Bank. I feel sorry for Roman, so close and one again he gets screwed.

*Diva’s Challenge – I am a Paige fan and I really hope she can take the belt. Even Hubby is a Paige fan. Nikki being a bitch showing off in the ring. It is a really good match tonight. At this point it is anyones call. Paige had beaten who she thought was Nikki but it was actually BREE. Now Nikki has come out and beaten Paige. This has turned into a bloody JOKE.

*The MIZ has walked out, trashing Columbus which you do not do. Miz is bragging about how he should be the one with the belt NOT Ryback.

*Intercontinental Belt – JoJo has taken over announce duties. The Big Show has entered the ring. Ryback lives to fight another day thanks to The Miz, big Show wins on a DQ but Ryback keeps the belt.

*Rematch of John Cena and Kevin Owens – been dreading this match all morning. I so dislike Kevin Owens I cant even begin to tell you. I honestly can’t see the purpose of this story line, unless it is how they are bringing Owens into the WWE full-time. It will take everything both of the men have to find a winner in this match. I will agree with the crowd that this is an awesome match. John needs to win this match to knock him off his “Holier than thou” perch. It is so loud in the Nationwide Arena it is so hard to hear the announcers. I will not share who won because you need to see this one.

*A celebration of Dusty Rhodes – Godspeed my friend.

*Tag Team Belts – The New Day out running off at the mouth, complaining that Kofi got robbed but trashing the Buckeyes which you don’t do. This match was all over the place but I will tell you, no more clapping.

*First Match for Battle Ground – Roman Reigns against Ray Wyatt.

*Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose for the WWE belt. Lillian back to announce the final match. Dean is in the ring waiting for Seth. This is an even match in a lot of ways but my pick is Dean, lets see if the Authority and J and J Security can really stay away. Dean just flipped Seth onto the ladder in the corner. It is all the talk of who built up who, there is no love loss between these two. I have no clue how Dean has taken the beating that Seth has given him and he still managed to get off the turnbuckle and push the ladder to stop Seth from getting the belt for now. There have been TWO amazing matches today. NO matter what happens this has been great. I do not know how it ended the way it did but DAMN. I have to give it to Seth, he did stand up and took a beating from Dean. I am still a Dean fan.