Morning kids,

Well, it is fall out day from Money in the bank so let’s get to it

With the sound turned down at the moment, Seth Rollins is going on and on about how good he is and all. I do have to admit, it was a hell of a match and I have to give the respect. Dean Ambrose and Seth both  credit for giving each other one hell of a beating. Now he is BRAGGING and going on and on about how good he is and he just insulted Johnny Manziel and LeBron that they will never bring a title to Cleveland. Guess who just walked out, I am amazed that he can even walk after that.

*Dean Ambrose against Sheamus – Steph and Triple H sent Sheamus out to beat up Dean but when Sheamus had, had enough and decided to leave, Well…Randy Orton decided he needed to go back to the ring. Ambrose with the win thanks to Randy.

*Seth had a chat with J and J Security – Seth said he was willing to bring them back on board but they basically told him to get stuffed. It was not the matter IF Seth would lose the belt but when.

*R Truth and King Barrett – Truth is good for some shits and giggles here but Barrett is the bigger of the two. Truth stole a win, which I must admit was a hoot but Barrett is even funnier when he is pissed.

*Kevin Owens has shown up to brag about his match from the pay per view with John Cena and I refuse to give him no time. It is actually on fast forward. Dolph took his challenge offer up and it was not pretty. Owens is a good one to hate because of the attitude. Let’s see Kevin’s attitude after he meets Samoa Joe. Michael Cole described Owens as a “Self centered, pathetic human”

*Diva’s – They actually need a better storyline for starters. The Bella Twins being stuck up bitches doing Twin Magic whenever they want to keep the belt, and only Paige is doing all she can to stand up to them but she is having to go it alone. I like the Divas but since AJ left it feels like they are stuck.

*Randy Orton and Kane – this is a no love loss match. I am still not sure why Kane is back in the ring, is it storyline related or is their injury issues that we don’t know about. I can’t see this one going anywhere but stranger things have happened.

*The Big Show, The Miz and Ryback – This is interesting to say the least. The Miz is always pissing off people who are bigger and meaner than The Miz. I will admit that to keep fresh in this business he has reinvented himself to stay around. He does play the annoying little shit, who you can’t help but laugh at. Cheeky little bugger got back in the ring before the 10 count while the Big Show was too busy getting into Ryback’s face.

*Roman – He will meet Ray Wyatt at Battleground. I do not blame Roman for being pissed as hell. He has the briefcase in his hand and Wyatt literally stole it from him. Oh how I hate Wyatt, as I have said on Twitter, he scares me more than Freddie Kruger.

* Triple H and Stephanie are out to announce Seth Rollins next opponent. Here comes Seth, grinning from ear to ear. Triple H has said it won’t be Kane or J and J Security. Triple H is talking about looking at their investment and seeing if it’s really worth it all, will Seth crumble under the pressure or will he become the diamond. You will never guess who just walked out, Seth looks like he has seen a ghost. I do not know who I dislike more Seth or Brock Lesnar(remember that Brock was suspended after Wrestlemania 30). I am wondering if this storyline will make its way to Summerslam. Everyone has cleared the ring but Brock and Seth, just a reminder that Brock was never pinned to lose the belt to start with. They will meet at Battleground in 5 weeks time.