I had a look at Smack down and NXT this past week and it got me thinking about story lines and where things might be headed.

*Ryback and the Intercontinental belt –  Right now the Big Show has decided that is the titles he wants. Is it Authority angle or is this one heading for Summer Slam.

*Diva’s – now they are starting the Bella’s against Paige. No clue how this one will work. I saw an article from Jim Ross that the Diva’s need some help and I do agree with him. The “Us” against “Her” I am not sure is going to work. Yes, I agree that the Bella’s have had it their way for too long but maybe it is time for some new blood. It just might be time for someone from NXT to arrive and turn the Diva division on its head.

*Roman Reigns and Ray Wyatt – As I have tweeted, Wyatt scares me more than Freddie Kruger. I have no clue about this one, good vs evil or holding Roman back a bit. Only time will tell on this one.

*Tag Team Belts – this one is wide open and anything can happen. I was glad to see the Prime Time Players beat New Day. From here, anyone care to place a bet?

*John Cena and Kevin Owens – My distaste for Kevin Owens is growing by the day. In an interview with Micheal Cole, Kevin Owens showed how angry and bitter that he is. He has a big chip on his shoulder and he will stop at nothing to rid the WWE of John Cena and (in my view) injury him permanently . John is dealing with back contusions and muscle issues thanks to Owens power bombing him on the corner of the stage. Owens even power bombed the guest singer on Monday night Raw. There was NO excuse for this and all he could say was that He got carried away.(that answer is just full of crap). I want to know if Owens has really paid his dues and has he really done the work to be given this opportunity? So what , he is NXT champion, has he been through all the battles and health challenges that John has? Owens has one other problem that has arrived in the NXT and his name is Samoa Joe.

*Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar – This is going to be a good one. Seth has no one but himself now to get the job done. I had heard rumors that this will build until Summer  Slam and all hell will break lose then. Battleground is in roughly 4 weeks and I think that will be the start. This could go anywhere, remember that Brock was NEVER pinned to lose the belt in the first place, Seth cashed in the Money in the Bank and pinned Roman. (that was a smart move. I saw in a post interview that it was not planned, Seth was watching from back stage)

*WWE Network – I am so glad I now have the channel. It is really interesting to watch some of the old matches and all. I have been watching some of the pod cast and they are really interesting. I have learned a lot about wrestling and how things work a behind the scenes. Stone Cold and Paul Heyman is a scream about some of the stories that he told.

Have a good weekend