with the WWE Network you have access tot he pre show. 2 of tonight’s matches are Roman Reigns against Sheamus and Ryback faces Mark Henry. Both matches will be interesting. The panel brought up a good angel, what happened with the suspension and all of that. Who is your pick to take the title at Battle Ground?

We have moved over to RAW and who but Paul and Brock to walk out. One of the things he has to do was to apologize to John BL and to Micheal Cole, which he did and he is allowed to return.

Here comes Dean Ambrose up against Kane. This is all about Kane beating the crap out of Dean for all the sh*t he has caused. Seth has suddenly appeared to distract Kane but what is it in for Seth?

Tag Team champs the Prime Time Players in a non title match against The Ascension. The New Day is watching in the back, and not liking what they see. Prime time will defend against New Day at Battle Ground.

Sheamus on the way to the ring for his match against Roman Reigns. I would put good money on the fact that Ray Wyatt will stick his nose in this match. That was a hell of a cloth line.I don’t know about you but the story line with Roman and Wyatt, using Roman’s daughter so to speak as bait is going a little too far. I hope this changes, or is toned back a little. Ray has gotten in Roman’s head and anything can happen until Battle Ground.

*Seth and J and J Security – as Seth trying to suck up and make things right again. Seth is scared shitless and he knows that he needs helps.

*time for some high-flying with Neville – against Kofi Kingston. Neville has found himself in a 3 on one spot but the Prime Time Players have some to the aid of Neville. The Ref just sent the other 2 members of The New Day back to the locker room. “Red Arrow” Nuff said.

*John Cena addressing the crowd. John is going to give it another go. He knows that it may be a fight that he can’t win. Guess who just walked out? Holy shit, John Cena multilingual. It is on at Battleground, John Cena and Kevin Owens for the United States title.

*Ryback against Mark Henry – At Battle Ground, it is a triple threat match for the Intercontinental belt  with The Miz, Ryback and The Big Show.

*Adam Rose and Dolph – It is great to see how they have taken this story line. For me it just was not working. Rusev saying he owned Lana, It is nice to see Lana be more relaxed and natural.

*Seth is being the better man and apologizing to Kane and to J and J Security. Still no answer and Brock walks out with Paul Heyman. Almost back to how things started at the beginning of the show. Seth’s apology you almost thought that it would not happen and now, well , lets just say it has gotten very interesting.


*NEWS IN MY TWITTER FEED – Tyson Kidd to have surgery this week