Well, its going to be an interesting show, opening as usual with Seth Rollins running off about how it’s all about him and now its brag time. I can see where this is going, it’s “I’m so damn good because I beat the crap out of Brock.” (ratings must be bad if they have put The Authority back together. (Jamie Noble with 3 broken ribs). Seth telling the crowd to stand up and show The Authority some respect. OK, you all know by now how I feel about this crap so lets move on. Talk about arse kissing, I have not even had breakfast and this is making me ill.

*Big Show and Mark Henry are the first match of the night. Hope they reinforced the ring. Ryback has turned up at the end of The Big Show match, The Miz has been at ring side during all of this and Ryback wants his match with him now, not later. Ryback now beating the snot out of Miz.

*Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns in a No Disqualification match with Kane and Seth. To be honest I am not really sure about this one and the reasons behind. Unless it is to get at Dean on Kane’s behalf. Roman’s worry is Ray Wyatt and will he show up to cause issues for Roman during the match.

*Diva Match – Paige against Alicia Fox. So, basically it is 3 on 1 tonight. I really wish they would do more with the ladies, there is some great talent there and it is sad that this is what they can come up with. Paige tried asking for help but when the Bella’s named dropped Stephanie, the room cleared.

*John Cena USA open challenge – just wondering if the winy brat Kevin Owens will stick his nose in per usual. well kids, guess who just showed up and my telly is on mute. Kevin Owens interfered once again. It is time for the bastard Owens to have the utter SHIT knocked out of him.

*8 man tag team – its interesting to say the least. Prime time players, New Day, Bo Dallas.

*Dolph and Lana go public. I like Lana with her hair down and having the giggles. I am glad to see this story line change. She is a stunning beautiful woman. Here comes Rusev, now with Summer Rae at his side,trash talking Lana per usual. Let’s just say that Lana is going to be a force to be reckoned with.

*Neville is heading to the ring against Sheamus. I really like Neville, he would be a good cruiser weight Champion. With this match it is Sheamus strength against Neville’s speed and high-flying. Damn, what a shot by Neville,Muscle over flight wins this one.

*King Barrett gave a royal decree that all future opponents would bow down to him and Jack Swaggert told him to get stuffed.

*Main Event time – Roman and Dean against Seth and Kane but I bet J and J Security will have a hand in it. It is kind of hard to share with you much about the match as you all know how out of hand a no d q match can get. Dean tried to bring in a table but J and J put a stop to that. Well, guess who showed up, Ray Wyatt…I still have no clue why this story line. Yes it is a No Dq but this is crap. I want it to be just the 4 but I just don’t get it unless its setting for  Summer slam. Should of seen this coming when Wyatt showed it. Someone needs a arse kicked and I cant wait for Seth to get it. Now it is just to destroy Dean, Seth thinks he is so damn good. Well, he’s not. they are still trying to beat Roman down even further. The crowd is starting to boo. They wonder why Monday nights ratings are sagging, well this it.  Go on and BOO the dickheads. Seth screams this is what being the champ is all out. Now Ray Wyatt, Christ sake enough already.