20150705_130355It has been a week since the nightmare started for the Crows Nation

A week ago the news came that our beloved Coach Phil Walsh had been taken from us is circumstances that have left us numb and speechless. Trying to make sense of those events and what had taken place. It has been a week of searching for answers, grieving, more tears than I can remember, being strong for those who needed extra support  and even I have broken down and let those around me, take care of me for a bit.

The tributes have been amazing this week, from the clubs with a minute’s silence and on last Friday night when the first ring of honor was formed at the end of the Hawks and Pies game and My Phil and I sobbing. As we watched each game and saw the tributes across the weekend, I could see and feel how much Coach Walsh was loved.

Something Rob Chapman said has stuck with me, there is no book or anything for such a tragedy of this nature. You have to figure out things as you go and just hope you get it right to the best of your ability.  I think the one scene that really got me, BUT it really showed that he was affected also was when Andrew Fagan put out a scarf out on the railing at the club, on the balcony outside the training room on the second floor.

Tomorrow afternoon as I call them, the baby Crows from the SANFL return to the field to take on Central Districts. It is only a walk up the street. The need our support also. Tomorrow night all over Adelaide will be what I call watch parties for the game. My Phil and I decided that it was important to gather with other friends and fans to watch the game and cheer on our boys.

Watching the Port game last night I ask Phil if it was wrong to work on our Crows blanket that I am crocheting and he said “No, not at all”.  A little later on Phil said, “You know you need to take it with us to watch the game tomorrow night you always work on it when the boys play, so for the first time the blanket will travel.

The ashes are stirring, we are starting to stretch our wings, we will FLY again

Try not to worry Coach Walsh, we will finish what you started