Here comes Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman, sitting there in the arena is the smashed car that Brock demolished last week. J and J Security are out injured so that will leave Seth Rollins on his own. (Battleground is Sunday). in mid sentence here comes Seth with Kane who has returned from holidays. Seth is having a temper tantrum, going on and on about how he is what the WWE is all about. Contract signing at the end of the show. Let’s see how civil it can really be.

*Tag Team Match — Ryback and Randy Orton against Big Show and Sheamus. this should be interesting and how much you want to be that The Miz shows up. (Randy Orton and Sheamus to go at it at Battleground announced on WWE Network) Randy usually does not do tag teams so it will be interesting to see how he and Ryback get along today. Well, thanks to The Miz sticking his nose in, Randy managed to turn a boring match into a few minutes of fun.

*Dean Ambrose and Ray Wyatt to go at it. Wishful thinking here, Roman to screw with Ray. Well kids, I got my wish. Out of nowhere here is Roman beating the snot out of Ray. Not sure what happened to Dean though.

*Diva Division – here is the Bella bragging talk. How she has taken all comers on and defeated them. Let’s talk about  the human version of the Mean Girls. Nikki bragging how she along with Bree and Alicia Fox make all the decisions. Guess who arrived, Stephanie McMahon. Someone is getting put into their place. Stephanie is talking about how woman are making their mark in sports and it is time for the women of WWE to do the same. Stephanie brought out Paige, talking about having back up,from NXT here come Becky Lynch, but also backing up with Charlotte (Rick Flair’s daughter) Now it’s finally a fair fight,just the shake up the Diva’s division needed. OK, Naomi has her knickers in a knot, the Current NXT Woman’s Champion Sasha Banks. We got a free for all. The NXT ladies showing that they are not to be messed with.

*John Cena – What a hell of a match with Cesaro week. Look for Kevin Owens to stick his nose in. this close to Battleground I would be on anything. Here is Rusev going on and on about how it was Lana’s fault he lost the title. Well, I told you so, Owens not happy that Rusev has come out to challenge, now we have Rusev, Owns and Cesaro in the ring. John just gets out-of-the-way and lets the 3 of them sort it out. OK, it’s a triple threat match, to see who faces John tonight for the title. You need to look up this match, it will blow you away, it is a war. Cesaro is blowing me away with how much he has changed. Owens is walking away, He has had enough. It is now down to Cesaro and Rusev for the right to meet John for the title. Holy Crap, Cesaro took Rusev for a swing. Some how Rusev won that but I am becoming a fan of Cesaro. Would have been a good match til Owens decided to screw it up, that no one will take the title away from John but him. He screamed that it’s HIS title. (IMO – John has to win Sunday, Owens needs put in his place.)

*Time for the contract signing — Seth is whining about the footage about Brock destroying the car, over and over all night. Seth is still bragging about what he did to him a couple of weeks ago. It is too polite and all. I love how Paul Heyman is being polite and telling it like it is, I don’t like Brock but I will be cheering for him on Sunday. OK, this just got interesting and I wont tell you where the axe handle was hidden. I told you this would not end well.