Battle Ground is taking place tonight from St.Louis Missouri.

****SUMMER SLAM — August 23

Q and A with Paul Heyman about Brock. Questions from Twitter. (remember, it was Seth who pinned ROMAN, NOT Brock for the title)

The pre show match is a Crown against Crown match as R Truth goes up against Bad News Barrett. With the bull hammer, Barrett keeps the Crown.

This week, 3 of the top Diva’s from NXT have made an appearance on RAW, and Stephanie has requested that all 9 Divas are at Battleground. Becky Lynch, Charlotte(Rick Flair’s Daughter)and Sasha Banks.

Settle in Gang, here we go:

Sheamus and Randy Orton to kick things off tonight. I liked Sheamus until his return and became is smart arse. Randy is my pick for this one. 3 Irish curses on Randy has slowed things to Sheamus speed. Took a bit for the crowd to finally get in the match, the mike is picking up[ some nasty hits. Talk about being suckered, I have no clue how after the 4 leaf clover that Randy managed to win. It was an amazing defensive match.

JoJo interviewing Stephanie – JoJo is tiny, but she is holding herself well. Each of the 3 teams from the Divas have been told to pick a rep for a triple threat match tonight.

*Tag Team Belts on the line – New day against Prime Time Players.   My chest hears after hearing those slaps from Titus O’Neil. Damn that has to hurt.  That was a wild match but Prime Time Players keep the belts.

*Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt (my mistake in calling him Ray) I still do not get this one at all. It could go either way. My pick is Roman but I just do not trust Bray. Question for you —  is Bray Wyatt the newer version of The Undertaker? After Roman hit the the outside steps, it has been a Bray. Wyatt throw his body at his opponent, with no regard for himself. Roman tried to work his way back but Bray slowed Roman down again. What the HELL — beating the Sister Abigail and a superman punch and this match is STILL going. What the HELL now, family help and Bray gets the win. This will NOT be over by any means.

*Divas Triple Threat Match — Brie, Sasha and Charlotte  to do battle. My pick to watch is Charlotte, you might want to compare her to her Dad but don’t. She is amazing in her own right.

*United States Championship – John Cena against Kevin Owens. I cant STAND Owens from day one. I guess that is the part he is supposed to play. Well, he is playing the part well. I hope that Cena beats the crap out of Owens. It’s a mixed crowd tonight. Owens is getting pissed, he is giving John everything he has and John is still coming back. This is going to be one of John’s most classic matches. What a hell of a match, Kevin Owens had nothing left and tapped out.

*The Miz just running off at the mouth, having a temper tantrum since Ryback is off with his knee injury. Big Show just came out and bitch slapped the Miz.

*Seth against Brock for the Heavyweight Title. It was a sea-saw match with Seth getting the snot beat out of him. I don’t want to give anything, especially if you have yet to see this,  but there is a surprise ending to this match. Let’s just say Karma is involved and you will not believe the end to all this.