This will be fall out from Battleground last night. the next big Pay Per View will be at Summer Slam in August just 5 weeks away. August 23

The show is opening with those chilling gong sounds, returning to the ring dressed is his hat and coat as he walks out of the fog, This has turned everything on it head, and I can’t wait to see whats up. (Rumor – Kane will return in the mask as the red beast) He is being well received by the crowd. (His real first name is Micheal). Under is talking about that he has had enough about Brock going on and on about how he beat him at Wrestlemania. Last night was the undertakers return, and he is coming for Brock.

We have our first match for Summer Slam – Brock against Undertaker.

*We have a rematch from Battle Ground, Charlotte against Brie. Loving Charlotte, on her own NOT because of her Dad. Loving that figure 8, Brie taps out again.

*The Miz walks into the office and starts complaining to Triple H about last night and finds himself in a match with the Big Show. Here comes Big Show and you know that this will not end well.

*Paul Heyman in the ring talking about the loss last night and who is NOT happy about the Undertaker returning. OK, Paul just had a screaming temper tantrum and the lights went off, here is Undertaker in the ring with Paul, here is Brock in the ring we they are beating the crap out of each other, looks like this match had better be a hell in the cell match. I have never seen crap hit the fan like this, the whole locker room is trying to keep them apart and nothing is working. Triple H is PISSED. Got to give credit to the camera guys, they did a hell of a job. The called the cops (hehe) 15 months in the making. guess who just showed up in The Authority office, Seth Rollins — geesh what now, another whiny fit by Seth.

*It was Luke Harper who helped Bray Wyatt beat Roman last night, hoping for some payback here because Roman was on the verge of winning and it fell apart. Even Lillian is keeping her distance. It was supposed to be Luke against Roman but here comes Dean so now its even. Fans chanting support for Roman. Roman got out-of-the-way buying him some time as Luke when flying. Just as Roman went to win, Bray pulled Roman out of the ring. Love that Buckeye Lunatic.

*Well, here is Seth and any guesses that he will brag about still being Champion. I did read that he could hold the belt until Wrestlemania next year, but as I said, I read it so I am going to put this in the rumor column. Anyone know who the #1 contender is for the belt, since Roman was told to go to the back of the line? He is complaining that he is the most under appreciated champion, well kids, I wonder why. He has lied, stole and ran like a girl to keep the belt. I do not see him putting the belt up week after week, like John Cena. Seth says he feels like he was robbed last night, just asking Lillian to come into the ring. OK, just as Lillian finished the announcement, here comes John Cena. WHY, who knows, John turns to Lillian and says “Thank you Lillian, you no longer have to put up with his crap.” John Cena just said everything we have all been thinking since Seth won, well stole the title. Well, guess what, the pansy boy just ran off again as usual. (John is right, Seth is a joke..he does everything possible to keep the title at all cost.)

*Divas Tag Team action – Paige and Becky Lynch against Sasha Banks and Naomi. The new girls from NXT are just what the division needs.

*Lana with an update on Dolph. He is resting and waiting to be medically cleared to return. Summer Rae just showed up dressed similar to Lana.

*6 man tag team – Cesaro, Randy Orton and John Cena to face Rusev, Kevin Owens and Sheamus. smart arse Owens started out against John but then tags out. Not quite sure why this match was set up. everyone on each side has a beef with someone else, so it will be interesting to see how this ends. Sheamus has taken his brief case and is walking, It’s now a 3 on 2 match. Kevin Owens has had enough and he has also walked leaving Rusev on his own. I feel an RKO coming on, here comes Lana after Summer Rae, and its Lana who has the last laugh. I wont spoil who won but, let’s say karma is giggling again.