20150705_155303OK, that title might seem a little off to you but let me explain things.

I love living overseas. Really , but it come with some major drawbacks and I am suffering through those now. It is summer in the USA and everyone is out and about at different events and all. I would love to see where they go or to hear how the concert was. Everyone is having a great summer and I wish I was there.

My Sorority Sisters are at the ball park and at times, I would give anything to be with them, to be able to see what they see. The different views and all. To hear about the sights and sounds.

Holidays are the worse, mind you I do not normally talk about this, but yesterday it really got to me. Thanksgiving is so hard, I turn on my Skype waiting and hoping that someone, might remember and take a few minutes to Skype, OK, I know that sounds selfish but what you do think is about all of us overseas wishing we were home for the holidays. A lot of countries do not understand Thanksgiving and all that goes with it, only other Americans can say, “I understand” and I know they get what is going on. Yea, you eat yourself silly and watch football all day but when you don’t have that fun and miss things that are so simple, it makes you want them more. I can’t wait til we are home at Thanksgiving, to have those experiences that I have missed with friends and family. My Skype never does ring as much as I will it to, I usually wind up going to sleep in tears, after a day of hoping for just one person to remember that my Skype is on. To not deal with it, I just hide, I don’t go to Facebook so I don’t have to face it.

I can probably hear some of you thinking that this all sound selfish and OK, I will give you that. When is the last time you stopped going fast forward to see what you are missing?

You know, when your friends are all going to that one place, or event but they don’t ask you. Then they come back and go on about how much of a great time they had and you sit quiet listening to all the stories about the night, well, that is me. I sit here and wait as all of you go off, hoping for that picture of that check in, just to be included even though I am not really there. I wish people could understand what that would mean. I have one Sorority Sister who checks me in with her and the other Sister who lives outside the country, I have never told her what that means to me. It is something simple that she does but it means the world. I wish more people would do it, sounds silly but those of us overseas would love it. I have done it for my Crow brothers and sisters, so I get it.

All I am trying to do is to get you to have  a stop and think about your oversea friends if you have them, doing something special for them. You have no clue how much a couple of pictures or a check in would go a long way. This is probably all over but thanks for giving me a chance to put words to feelings and get this out.

Here’s the Question?   When is the last time you took a picture so someone far away, could just see what you see?