cropped-cropped-021.jpgIt was sad to learn the news over the weekend on the passing of Hot Rod Piper. I do know that the opening tonight will pay respects to Hot Rod. Everyone is wearing “Hot Rod” t-shirts tonight. The tribute oped with a single shot of a kilt hanging on a directors chair that said “Hot Rod”. It was fitting that they showed a picture of Hot Rod with Dusty.

Brock Lesnar is back on Raw tonight but it could be explosive, it is only 3 weeks from this Sunday and it will be interesting. Will be interesting for an update on John Cena. Hoping that more of Summer Slam stories will start to appear.

After that beautiful tribute, here comes Seth Rollins to run his mouth. John had to have surgery to repair his nose. Check out the new t-shirt. “Never shuts up” is right. For the next 5 minutes we have to listen to him brag about it. OK, I know it’s a story line but, Seth is all full of crap.OK, Seth just proposed that he and John go at it again, title for title at Summer Slam. Seth just pulled a John Cena and made a World Title open challenge. Here comes Neville and Seth is crapping himself. Lillian making the intros. All I have to say is Seth is LUCKY tonight.

Diva Division – the Bella Twins against Submission Sorority (Charlotte and Becky Lynch) Paige is at ringside. Charlotte and Becky are my favorites with Paige. They are have something special and they stay true to themselves and that is one thing I am learning to do that more. It is a good name that the ladies chose, Submission Sorority…..any clues to who one this one. Naomi has challenged Paige to a match and Paige has accepted. There has to be at least a couple of Divas matches at Summer Slam

Miz TV – He paid a nice tribute to Hot Rod. His guest is Kevin Owens and Cesaro. This should be interesting and most likely wont end well. As you know I don’t like Owens at all. Too much ego for me. Cesaro in a suit, very nice and Cesaro is jealous of Owens is a real laugh. OK, get your feet up it’s getting deep in here now with all the crap coming out of Owens mouth. Owens has said that the fight will be on his terms, when he is ready and not before but he is all for the blindsided.

Mark Henry and Rusev – I am not really sure who is more angry.

A nervous Paul Heyman in the ring to discuss with Brock Lesnar about The Undertaker and the match at Summer Slam. Well, that was 10 minutes of nothing new. It is going to be the match of the summer, I will give you that.

Interesting 6 man tag team, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton up against Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Sheamus. I am loving it tonight. everyone is Hot Rod shirts chewing bubble gum and raising hell, just what Hot Rod did every time he was around. I call this a karma match, but I do not think it will end here tonight, I think there will be some combination of this at Summer Slam. Where the hell did Roman just come from? Talk about flying fast, what ever you do, don’t blink.

If you have WWE network Paige is on with Stone Cold, tune in if you can.