06d5f0d09293f5254207fb55ec911a3fThe statement above is exactly how I feel today. I can see so much and I feel like I am drowning and I want to ask but being in the wrong time zone on the wrong side of the world is the two biggest things I have working against me.

I am on Periscope and I am loving it. The downfall for me is that I have met some great people and learned so much but to try to just get a connection built let alone to try to ask questions is like root canal, it hurts like hell. I know I need the help and I would give anything for just a Skype for an hour would get up at 2 am for just one session.

I don’t know, maybe it me missing home and envy of those who have the great chances, I guess I just want the same thing. I want those chances also.

Right now I am feeling stuck, I do not know where to go, let alone what to do.

I feel like I just need to reinvent myself but what do I do, where do I start. Do I do a complete overhaul of stuff and make things simpler or what?

These are the questions that I would love to ask. Walk through my web site and find out what needs changed and whats OK, I know the marketing basics but is there anything I could be doing better. I live in Australia but most of my audience is in the USA.

Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do and I just want to do it better. I want to learn, especially from the people I met on Periscope and learn more from them on how I can get better by taking what they are sharing and apply it to what I do.

Guess it back to struggling on my own.