2 weeks before Summer Slam and it is going to be interesting. The final card should be set tonight along with the NXT card. The NXT event is a sell out the night before Summer Slam.

Stephen Amell from the show Arrow is in the building tonight. For a possible face off against Stardust.

Here comes Seth Rollins and who knows what garbage is coming today. Seth bringing up his challenge for Summer Slam. Winner takes all, both belts up for grabs and the winner takes both. I do realize that Seth is playing a character of sorts but he is really making it easy to really dislike him. Here comes Cesaro, to put a stop to the jokes, Finally. Now, Kevin Owens has walked out and is running his mouth about how Cesaro has not earned a challenge. Now, lets throw Randy Orton into the mix. Triple H has come out and told that John Cena is 50/50 at best to make Slam in 2 weeks.

Cesaro/Kevin Owns/Randy Orton – triple threat to face Seth Rollins for the WWE title tonight. Seth is fuming. this match is massive, they are trying everything in the book to beat the other for the chance to face Seth.Seth is in trouble, here comes Randy. Randy won the triple threat and is facing Seth now.

Team Bad against Team Bella – 6 woman tag team. Charlotte, Paige and Becky are sitting at ringside. Sasha Banks will put the Woman’s title on the line at the NXT event the night before Summer Slam. Becky Lynch will be gong for the #1 contender to see who faces Sasha.

Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns vs Luke Harper/Bray Wyatt – it’s a one on one match between Luke and Dean but I have a feeling that its going to be more than that.

The Miz with Daniel Bryan on Miz TV. Who knows where this one will go. Will be nice to see Daniel and get an update on how he is going. Daniel is not cleared medically at this time to return. Miz doing what he always does. making it all about himself. The Big Show just called the Miz, a cross dressing manure spreader. Oh Crap…..Ryback just showed up on the scene. Ryback hit Miz with a clothesline so hard that his shoe flew off.

Lana humiliated by Summer Rae, with Rusev teacher her his submission move, this is going to have a massive outcome at some time I think.

Neville and Stephen Amell just signed against King Barrett and Stardust just signed at Summer Slam.

Randy against Seth – good think Lillian saw what was coming and got out-of-the-way. Seth tried to grab his belt and run away but Randy caught him. Seth is trying to beat Randy at his own game with his own moves. 1 count from beating Seth and Sheamus pulls Randy out of the ring. Sheamus tried to cash in the brief case but Orton put a stop to it.