20150618_191551For those of you on Periscope, Daniel does an evening Inspire-cast. Last nights scope got me thinking and I wanted to share my thoughts.

We always say “Thank you” and all but, how often do we really stop and pay attention?

Here is why I am asking….We get so busy in everyday life and all to stop and realize how blessed we are. I know I am guilty of it and this was a real wake up call. When I moved from Ohio to Australia it was tough. I felt so broken and was not even sure I would survive. Hubby was amazing and so patient with me as I put life back together. I have put him through a lot but he still is hanging in with me. It has been a long road to get where we are now, lots of tears and struggles. As much as I struggled to fit in, little things started happening that showed me that in time I would be OK.

Little blessings along the way showed me that we would be OK. I just needed to pay better attention. All this time, I had a roof over my head, food in the pantry and kept warm. I never really said it out loud but they were there and still are today. The jobs that hubby had come and went, usually at the wrong time. One year it was “Happy Birthday Honey, we are unemployed.”

Friends have come and gone but there have been stable things in my life, I have come to realize that I am so blessed. Hubby and I have had some real challenges, especially after his accident. I really had to take over running the house and all, I still have to do that today at times.

When I had my accident a couple of years ago, it was a real wake up for hubby and he is now coming to Mass with me and I am over the moon for that. It is great to be able to share our faith again. The support has been great especially in the crappy times. It was tough asking for help but we did. It is OK to be human and ask, you never know who might ask you one day.

Of late, having plenty of “Me” time I have realized how lucky I am, I live in a safe community, roof over my head and food. Hubby is still able to move but a little slower. Our hard work is paying off and next year we will be debit FREE. It had taken a lot of work, and going with out but we made it.

I have a great core of friends, I have a great job and doing what I love more.

Thanks Daniel for reminding me how lucky and thankful I am for my life and the gifts I have been given. I had great adopted parents and my Sorority Sisters are amazing. The two best things in my life are my girls, love you heaps.

Here’s the Question – When is the last time you really gave thanks?