The biggest show of the season, Summer Slam 2015. Jon Stewart is the host. Be prepared for anything to happen today.

**Randy Orton and Sheamus to open the show. Thanks to the Bro Kick, Sheamus gets the win. It was tough, Randy was bleeding but give it a good go. It was on OK match, typical Randy Sheamus fight.

**Fatal Four Way for the Tag Team Belts: The New Day, Prime Time Players, Lucha Dragons, Los Matadors. First team to get a pin fall or submission take the belts. You can tag anyone in or yourself in. There are bodies everywhere, if you blink your going to miss something. Holy Cow if New Day didn’t pull off the win.

**Rusev and Dolph: Lana is looking great, she is out of the usual business suit tonight. I am going with Dolph on this one. Never was a fan of Rusev from the start, I never liked Lana at first but when the story line changed and Lana walked away and stood up to him, I became a fan. Summer Rae and Lana factor has come into play. Double count out, I think this will continue, it’s not over be any means.

**Neville/Stephen Amell against Stardust/King Barrett: Stephen is holding his own. Sort of but he is going OK. Stephen Amell can fly. I wont spoil this match, it was great.

**Triple Threat:The Big Show/Ryback/The Miz for the Intercontinental Belt.  The Miz is from my home state of Ohio but I am NOT a fan of his. Miz has been really good at reinventing himself to keep his career going. Ryback did the one thing that he needed, got The Big Show out of the ring and pinned The Miz for the win.

**Roman Reigns/Dean Ambrose Against Bray Wyatt/Luke Harper: This is going to get ugly to say the least. Thank you Roman.

**John Cena/Seth Rollins: This one will go any way. It’s time for Seth to put up or shut up. Never have liked Seth and never will. How can he think that just breaking John’s nose will stop him? Seth has been a joke to that title and it is time for him to lose it. Remember the last match these two had, John made Seth tap out.This fan is NOT HAPPY!!!,

**Divas Division: I am so happy to see the changes that have taken place. I was getting board and losing interest. It is a 3 way elimination, once a team member is pinned, submits the whole team is out. First team out is Team B.A.D. Way to go Team PCB

**Cesaro/Kevin Owens: My question is how is Kevin Owens after his match with Finn Balor at NXT last night?Cesaro is my pick to win. How did Owens manage to survive that one.

**The Undertaker/Brock Lesnar: The Undertake does now how to make an entrance. They are tearing the arena apart. Well, the Karma train just left and The Undertake took everything Brock had and he is the last man standing.