Time to run a muck and see what we can get up to tonight

Night of Champions is starting to take shape, with Sting and Seth Rollins for the WWE belt. I honestly can’t see the John Cena story being over by a long shot. All belts will be defended.

Sting has just walked out. He is pissed off and on a mission. He is going after Seth and the WWE belt.

**Ryback/Big Show – The belt in on the line. The Miz is at ringside and this just cant end well. For Miz that is..I was wrong, thanks to Miz, Ryback is still the title holder. I am actually glad he won it. My opinion, its time for The big Show to head for the sunset

**Team PCB in singles action – the one who wins their match the fastest is the NEW #1 contender for the Diva’s belt. Becky Lynch up first up against Alicia Fox. (Becky’s time 3:21). Charlotte is up against Nikki Bella, (Charlotte wins with a time of 1:40). By team Bad pulling Sasha OUT of the ring, Paige has lost and Charlotte will go to Night of Champions

**The Dudley Boys/New day in tag team action. Its nasty today for this one, its on for young and old. Dudley Boys for the win

**Dolph/Rusev – A Summer Slam Rematch – Rusev is out for blood, looks like he wants to break Dolph in half. Loving Lana out of the suits. More hip and funky. Dolph had the match dead to right, but thanks to Summer Rae, Dolph and Lana wins it. Dolph is never going to get over Lana. Looks like a set up with Summer Rae running out of Dolph’s locker room.

**Cesaro/Kevin Owens – another Summer Slam rematch. Should be interesting. Kevin being his ego self as usual. I am really like Cesaro more and more. I really do think that one day he will be a champion. Cesaro just took Owens for a ride off the top rope, damn Cesaro strength. Time for Owens to go swinging. Cesaro tried to swing but he was hurt and Owens wound up winning. Not happy kids.

**Seth Rollins had come to the ring to call out Sting and demand to know where his stature was. Stephanie came out to try and convince Seth that it is all a head game. Seth being the little brat that he is, demanded that John get to the point: which was how The Authority has always done whats best for business and when someone new  and better comes along they will dump Seth. He told Seth if The Authority really had his back, John would not be allowed to do what he was going to do. Activate his rematch clause for Night of Champions for the United States Belt. John got the rematch and Seth is throwing a fit.