20150315_134529July 3 this year was a day that changed the life of the Adelaide Crows forever.

Through a series of events we found ourselves with out a head coach and a community in mourning. It felt like we were in a nightmare that we would never wake up from. Phil and I spent a lot of time at West Lakes, the home of the Crows. Trying to come to terms with what had happened. It was great to connect with friends, who we knew were felling the same. Trying to cope with all that was going on from a senseless series of events.

Phil and I were able to attend the public event at the Adelaide Oval, on what would have been the Sunday game with Geelong. To hear the Oval so quiet and you could feel that something was wrong. It was like the ghost of the oval were also in mourning. It was great that day to be with friends and form our own circle of honor.

I started a Facebook group, called “Dear Coach Walsh” giving mates a place to go and grieve, to get  support when they are struggling.

This is the first in a series which was started after the Showdown in July:

“Dear Coach Walsh.”
It was an amazing day for the Showdown. The weather was perfect and the sun was warm. There was that showdown tension in the air but not like years past. There was a party in Elder park for those who were not able to get tickets inside the oval. There was a joint march from Rundall Mall to the Oval, I have never seen so many on the footbridge that day.

The boys looked amazing and when that horn sounded it was war, I have never seen the boys play with such fire and determination as they did. The boys were upbeat and working well together. Once the siren blew it was war, today was one of those days that no matter what was thrown at us, we would stand tall.

You would have been so proud of the boys. The support they gave each other and how they worked together. Yes, you would have fussed at them when they didn’t win the center clearance and all, even when they missed set shots. They were so amazing, proud and they worked so hard and got the win that was needed for them but it was a family win.

Beautiful Quinn, presenting Scott Thompson the medal named in your honor this year. She is brave and strong and she will be OK, with time but try not to worry, we will look out for her, love her and support her along with her Mom.

We miss you every day.

Take care Coach.