c2d6884f65d029472122ffeef79d28f5It is the opening game for BSU and the first visit for Chris Peterson as new Coach of Washington. It is going to be an interesting afternoon. I have the end of the Baylor game, so I will be getting the BSU game already in progress.

**First Quarter – BSU to receive

*opening series for BSU was 3 and out for a punt.

*Washington have a freshman quarterback directing traffic today.

I have joined live at the 10:00 mark in the first quarter. Thanks to a penalty Washington to punt. 7 minutes in and there is no score.

**Fourth down and 2 – quarterback sneak with a nice hole opened up, keeps the drive alive.

3:12 in the first and the Broncos put the first points of the season on the board. with the extra point no good, it is a 6 to 0 lead.

It’s not right seeing Coach Peterson in Washington colors.

**Second Quarter – BSU – 6 and Washington – 0

BSU starting on 2 and 12 to open the quarter bust a run for 14 yards. The Broncos are looking a lot better, growing in confidence and moving the ball well.

BSU with a touchdown and extra point for a 13 to 0 lead

Picked off at the 12 by the Huskies.

Time out Washington.

***its been a quiet quarter. Pretty basic football for the first game of the season. I can see some simple first game mistakes that hopefully will get corrected in practice and as the season goes on.

*NO PLAY – time out Washington

*Field Goal is GOOD it’s a 16 to 0 BSU lead

**Third Quarter  BSU – 16 and Washington – 0

Washington to start with the ball this half.

BSU defense held the Huskies offense and will take over the ball on the 31 yard line.

Would have been a beauty of a catch but was broken up.

New Quarterbacks for both sides. Broncos QB sacked for a loss of 9 yards. forced to punt

**4th and 6 are going for it. On a 40 yard field goal attempt, Washington is finally on the boards. **BSU – 16 and Washington – 3

Well, there ya go kids, just took the punt and returned it for a 76 yard touchdown. With the extra point it is Washington 10 and BSU 16

Nice quarterback keeper by BSU to get that first down. Huskies were breathing down his neck

**Fourth Quarter — Washington – 10 and BSU – 16

It’s the do or die quarter

Due to not protecting the ball better, its a turnover to the Huskies on the 33 yard line. Could be the break that they needed.

Washington blocked the punt and will take over on the 28 yard line

That hurts, Defensive pass interference. 4th and 4, will bring on the field goal team, 28 yard field goal is good and closes the score to just 3 points. BSU – 16 and Washington – 13

Quarterback Sack of BSU and blitzing from the defense has held Boise.

Broncos catch a break with a ruffing the passer and are out to the 46, trying to protect a 3 point lead with 3 minutes left.

Huskies QB sacked but the next play managed to get into field goal terrority.

A missed field goal with 21 second left has helped the Broncos hold on to a 16 to 13 win.


That was an ugly game, full of mistakes, with many new faces on both sides.

September 12/13 here in Australia will see the Broncos face off against BYU