06d5f0d09293f5254207fb55ec911a3fDear Maria

We miss you so much, thinking about you often. I can’t believe that time has passed and it has been 2 years, since that terrible day.

Your Dad is doing well but he misses you so much. You can see his face light up as he talks about you. We, The Buckeye Nation  have rallied around your Mom and Dad and looked after them. Buckeye Nation will continue to do all we can to help them with whatever is needed.

You would be so proud so proud of the work that your Dad has started, and how many lives he has touched. I have even been able to share your story here in Australia. I use the hashtag #remembermaria to remind my USA Buckeye Family to drive safe.

I know since your passing I have become a better passenger and I do all I can to not distract my hubby Phil when he is driving.

Your Mom and Dad started something call Maria’s Miles and I just want to help get the word out so everyone will sign up and take part. One day when I am home, I will take part, it is what I want to do most of all.

Thanks for listening, will stop by again soon.


Cricket Fox, a proud member of the Buckeye Nation


For more info please go to:   http://www.mariatiberifoundation.org/