20150830_154056Dear Coach Walsh,
It has been tough since you left us but , we made the finals. It did not go as we hoped but we are there. After everything that happened and with everyone saying we didn’t have a chance we are off to Melbourne for a game on Saturday night against the Western Bulldogs. Yes, there are small issues to address but we will be OK. They beat us this year when you were still with us. The number 119 keeps appearing out of the blue, it makes everyone giggle when we see it.

We know that now we have to take things just one game at a time. WE are standing strong and ‪#‎flyingasone‬    There is a new tag #wedriveasone

With everyone on the road to Melbourne we want everyone safe.

Phil and I went to the shed last week, to visit the supporters group and to face a ghost. It was the first time we had been back when we met you on Members day, sitting next to VB. I wont deny that , yes I did cry a little but it was good to heal a little more. I really want to give Nathan the picture but I wonder if it’s too raw for him now. I know the boys are getting on with the job, maybe after the season I will drop off the picture to him at the offices.

Dear Quinn,
We know that Father’s Day would have been very difficult. Please know that we love you so much. We can’t imagine how much you miss your Dad. We just want to send you so much love and support.

Give Bales a high 5 for us, we miss you both. Will stop and see you again soon.

The 19th Man