11811302_1149861665028898_3214740393978757312_nAt the start of the season we were full of hope and so excited. We had a new CEO and a new coach and everything was in place for what was to be our year. We had overcome many issues and found our way back. We had some exciting wins and even sat on top of the ladder for 3 weeks.

For a moment I am going to play “What if”….the events on July 3rd had never taken place. What if Coach Walsh was still here, would the outcome of been different? Those and many more questions will never have answers.

March 15 and July 3 will always be hard days for Crows fans. March 15 is Coach Walsh birthday and well, we all know about 3 July, the day our football world was ripped apart.

My partner and I have met many new Crows fans and we call you family. How can we ever say “Thanks” for the support that you gave us as we grieved. After Coach Walsh’s passing, I had no expectations, all I could do was to be there and cheer the boys on. We got there, doing things that no one expected us to do.

Now that they siren has blown, it is time to wash the gurneys and scarfs and put them away. It is time to reflect and to work through the grief that has been on hold. It is time to rally around those who have put their life on hold to run our club. We need to help them now, when they have helped us during this last 77 days.

A mate of mine, Ambrose summed up things the best when he said:

What if I told you your team was to miss a GF by less than a kick? What if I was to tell they’d lose one of there best players and then get caught up in a major controversy? What if I was to tell you your teams HC would have a great first season then fall well below expectations and your team would miss 2 finals series in a row after only just missing out on a GF? What if I told you your HC would be sacked and a controversy about your best players contract was everywhere over the news? What if I told you your club would turn it all around with a new HC and CEO? What if I told you your team would start a new season strongly and look like a top 8 team again under there new HC? What if I told you that your team was well on its way back only to go through the tragedy of a horrible murder of there HC that was doing a great job? Surely you’d think that they’d give up? Oh it’d be much to hard! To see all the hard work they put in, just to take a major step back. But no, your team fought! They were brave! They made finals for the first time since they only just missed out on a GF! And then would you believe me if your team would win a finals game after all they’d been through?

Would you believe me?