In Houston, Texas and it is going to be a wild night.

There are two matches tonight that have my interest more than anything. First is Seth Rollins with two matches and all. I really hope John Cena gets the USA title back. Seth has no clue how important that title is and John is the one person, to me that is what that title is all about.

The other match is Charlotte against Nikki Bella, I don’t really care that she is the longest running Diva, Nikki has liked, used Twin Magic and everything else to hold on to the title when she should have lost it months ago. Love Charlotte, and was a fan of her Dad’s.

Lillian Garcia is your announcer for the opening

*Preshow — Lucha Dragons/Neville against Stardust/The Ascension — Stardust and The Ascension stole the win.

**Seth Rollins/John Cena(Match#6 – Eden is your announcer)/Sting(Match#7 – Lillian is your Announcer) — Back to Back matches. Just a reminder that Sheamus with that Money in the Bank brief case is lurking. Seth and John are leaving it all in the ring, another classic match by both.  One hell of a match but John gets back what was stolen from him, the US title.  Here comes Sting, Seth tried to run but John hit an AA and carried Seth back to the ring. I do not know how Seth pulled out that win but it was another great Sting match. Sheamus tried to cash in, the brief case but it was Kane who has returned to cause issues. Talk about Karma…….

**(Match#4)(Eden is your announcer) Nikki Bella/Charlotte — Nikki is in no way the one who gave us the revolution. It was time for some new blood, and In my opinion the Divas were dying a slow death and nothing needed to happen. Nikki did everything possible with the help of Twin Magic to keep the belt to make sure she was the longest reigning diva. Tonight is payback, Nikki is going down. FINALLY the title has changed hands. Congrats Charlotte. Her Dad Ric is so proud.

**(1st match of the night)Ryback/Kevin Owens — Owens being self-centered as usual. Bet he is the same in real life. No wonder he’s hated. Kevin Owens just STOLE the belt, Raking the eyes that the Ref never saw. I see a rematch coming and it wont end the same way.

**(Match#3)(Lillian is your announcer)New Day/Dudley Boys — How many tables will be lost in this match…HA   Thanks to a D Q by the New day they keep the belts but the Dudley’s get the win. It was a good match til Woods got involved.

**(Match #2)(Eden is your announcer for this match)Dolph/Rusev — Lana home recovering from wrist surgery, Summer Rae is wearing the earrings that Dolph gave her. this is so one-sided, with Rusev strength and all. It is turning into a good match, they are both gong to the well and some way they both are kicking out before 3. Rusev tried to finish Dolph off but Dolph suckered him in and they are still going out it. Summer just got tossed,throwing shoes and it hit Rusev not Dolph. Dolph took advantage and got the win in the end.

**(Match#5)(Lillian is your announcer for this match) Wyatt Family against Roman Reigns/Dean Ambrose/unknown partner — We still do not know the partner for Roman and Dean in this match. Their partner is no other than Y2J Chris Jericho. this has turned in to a free for all, the Ref is giving a lot of leeway. Once again the Black sheep wins.