10004054_665874523482085_6027783041008951465_nThis letter was written after the Crows beat the Western Bulldogs in a real nail biter. The was exhausting watching the game. My partner and I went to The Alma. It was packed but we had a ball and the food was really good. Want to go back for a regular meal when it’s not so crowded.

Dear Coach Walsh

I had to come by this morning, I know that you and Coach Dean are grinning from ear to ear after that amazing win last night.

The boys played with their hearts and souls and left everything they had on the field. I know there are little things to work on this week but we have taken that next step. There were parties all over the city last night and I bet you heard they whole city cheer and the siren blew.

I know that you were with the boys last night. All they want is to make you PROUD and I can tell you that WE, the 19th man are so proud of each one of the men who put on the Crows colors last night and stood tall.

It is back to the MCG next week and Hawthorne. They boys are up for the challenge and they will do all that it takes. We will look after the boys no matter what the outcome.

We miss you like mad but know you are with us. You will always be a member of the 19th man.

Talk soon

19th man