John Cena has opened the show with an US Open Challenge. The New Day has come out and I am just not sure what is going on, this wont end pretty for New Day. 3 on 1 never ends well and lets hope John can handle this one.

***Story line today — Corporate Kane getting an evaluation from Human Resources. Just as she was about to give her report, Seth comes out and shows a video showing the evil Kane. Seth just used the pedigree on Kane. Seth has just turned MASSIVE heal and I really cant wait for Seth to kick his arse. Seth has managed to piss off Demon Kane

**John Cena/Xavier Woods — Someone needs to shove that trombone where the sun doesn’t shine. The other members of new day were ejected from ring side. I am glad for that one, the numbers game never plays well for the single person. Woods is actually making John work for this one. John got Woods in the finishing hold about to tap out and here comes the rescue party. A rescue party for John showed up in the form of the Dudley Boys.

**John Cena and Dudley Boys/New Day — in prompt to tag team match.

**Big Show/Mark Henry — Big fist get in the way

**Miz TV — With Charlotte and Becky Lynch. Team Bella has shown up and Nikki is bragging about its all about her. We got bodies flying everywhere.

**6 Diva tag team — Team PCB/Team Bella — Let’s see how well, Paige, Charlotte and Becky can work together?

**Bray Wyatt/Roman Reigns — It is Bray and Roman on their own. Roman says that it finishes tonight. Bray went the family back to the locker room. The match is called thanks to a double count out. They are Still beating the crap out of each other.

**Stardust/Neville — King Barrett showed up and crashed the party

**Randy Orton/Bo Dallas — Go for it Randy, shut Bo up

**Kevin Owens/Rusev — with Ryback sitting at ring side. Talk about a set up. Here comes Dolph to help out and there goes Owens again. the Pansy chicken boy

Lillian Garcia has just introduced Paul Hayman.