Rob Chapman at the Brownlow medal awards
Rob Chapman at the Brownlow medal awards

Patrick is leaving to go home. It was hard to hear that the staff knew the news but we do understand why they kept the news quiet. I do not think we would have gotten as far as we did if that news had been out. It is sad that he is leaving but I do understand why.

Rod Chapman paid tribute to you on Monday night at the Brownlow The look on Tex face, as Rod talked about you, we could all see how much he still misses you. As they panned around the Adelaide Table, we could see that they still miss you and now, not having football they are really dealing with the feelings that they had put on hold.

To be honest we have all put feelings on hold until now and are starting to deal with things. We had football to keep us going but now it is tough. We are supporting each other during this time. There was a beautiful tribute to you and the AFL got a haunting picture which I will include this letter.

It had been a tough time, I won’t deny that and it is time we finally got a break. The Coaches Association has created a scholarship in your honor and they made sure that Meredith was OK with it.

I wish I had more news to share now. The boys are off on holidays which will be good for them. the National Draft is in November here in Adelaide and I know a few of us are planning to go.

Say Hi to Coach Dean for us and we will stop by again soon.

As Always

The 19th Man

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