20140822_214419OK, so I can see that your asking what Perigirls is all about. So, will do my best to explain.

It is a community of strong, passionate, supportive woman who just plain rock. We all met on Periscope, which is owned by Twitter. It is a live streaming application. I had seen people talking about it in my Twitter feed and so I checked it out.

Now I cant get enough. I love scoping and all but there is a point when it gets too much. It is called trolls, who come in to your scope and do everything possible to disrupt things and make it difficult for you to continue. I have had some really rude, idiots if you want to call them that. They have told me everything from ” You’re an ugly bitch” to “Your boring”.

For those of you who have never seen me, I feel like I am a plain, and I have curves but you don’t get the right to come to my scopes and say mean thing. You don’t get to ask to see my “bobs” or my feet. You do not get the right to tear me down. They can get really mean and nasty, I just do not understand why people are so mean and that hiding behind their keyboard is fun?

The Perigirls have taught me, that I am stunning and strong and I do not have to take crap from anyone.

They help you with idea on what to scope, and give you support. There is always someone to answer your questions and there are so many new girls to meet and make new friends. There are daily scoping suggestions and there is a place to leave your link, so other girls can find you and stop by and leave some love. There are ladies from all over the world there and some I am very proud to call my mates.

THANK YOU Joanne for creating a wonderful and safe place FREE of trolls and to all of those wonderful girls who also look after the community.

To all the wonderful new ladies I have met, I cant wait to catch up with you soon.