OK, I know your looking at the title and thinking I am nuts. Hear me out, OK.

I am on a new app called Periscope which is a live streaming app, brought to you by the good folks at Twitter. It’s like a video diary that people can come and talk to you.

Ron Waxman is so amazing and we have the best time in there. He shows all over New York and we can talk about everything. Ron treats everyone with respect and does not tolerate trolls or anyone who causes issues. It is a wonderful place to hang out and just have some real giggles. It makes my day to just hang out, he responds to all this comments, pokes fun at those that need it but is also very helpful getting folks in the right direction if they need helps.

One of the risk with scope is getting trolled and the comments are really rude, I am already self-conscious enough and I do not need reminded of that. What you see in my scopes is what you get. By people being rude, males asking for “Open Bobs” or just saying “Your Boring”, had other comments but i wont repeat them here.  Normally I do not challenge them but I did, and he left. I have also been told I was “Fucking Ugly” and needles to say I blocked him. You do not have to take anyone coming in and treating you like that. It really is OK to block them, to stand up to them. If you miss anything in your scope you can go back and watch it again and block them.

I have made connections with certain scopers and know the safe places. I have made connections and I  still going to their scopes today and others I have checked out and either never made a connection or there was not much interesting so I have stopped going.

Ron just scoped the toilet but there is a wonderful story involved with it but your going to have to go to katch.me/RonWaxman

I am sitting here listening to Ron’s scope and laughing myself silly. The day is just not the same with out Ron on Periscope. So, what are you waiting for, go check him out and I can promise you will be hooked.

I am proud to say that I am a member of the Waxman Nation.