OK, I hear you laughing but let me explain some stuff that should help.

I got my Fit bit back in July and it took me a bit to really get use to it and all it can do. I had heard a lot of good stuff about it and I knew I needed help.  I had broken my toe and was not able to do the Adelaide City to Bay this year. Once healed and able to start walking again I needed something help.

I am 52 and have hit the dreaded “M” word . . . . Menopause. After a visit with the Doctor and a long talk about how to manage things. It was time to really explore what my band could help me do. I could see my steps for each day but I knew I needed to up my activity, being a writer , I sit way too much. Being able to go to the phone app and see how active I have been has encouraged me to step up and get moving. One of things that the Doctor and I talked about was my diet and how to try and eat cleaner, watching what I eat.

I started using the Diet part of fitbit. It has made me aware of how much I do eat and that by watching what I do have can have a big effect on getting this weight off. I have a goal but I am not willing to share it just yet. I know that for my health but also self-confidence I need to get this weight off. Doing it slowly I know that I can keep it off. It is a way of life, and tracking my food has shown me that I can make better choices.

I have not been a big water drinker but seeing that feature is a help. Yesterday I got the green tick of making my goal for the day. Have never been a real water drinker but I am doing all I can to give it a go. I know that it is good for me and I can see some changes already with the increased intake.

Let’s talk about sleep. It was a real eye opener to set the sleep part, and to look the next morning. looking at how much I am restless compared to really sleep. What gets me is the restless measurement/ minutes awake. I now kind of understand why I wake up tired at times.

I have a fit bit flex but will be doing an upgrade when I can afford to.

Thanks Fit Bit for getting me on the road to becoming healthier and around longer.