20150802_151819During coffee time at St.Peters Cathedral where Phil and I go, Josh who is one of our amazing organist, shared with us about the status of the pipe organ. To give you a small bit of history, the organ is almost 100 years old and it’s time had come to an end. There was hope that, the repair process could hold off a little longer, but the ghost of the organ told us in their way that it was time for them to leave us, just for now.

Talking to Josh is amazing, he is so passionate about everything to do with the organ from the sound to presentation of a particular piece to, well, just talking to him you can see how his face lights up. Each set up on the organ has to have just the right tone, pitch and he will work with it until it meets his standards.

Phil and I were able to catch up with Josh this past week and we got a chance to share with him that things just do not feel right.That a little piece of the soul of St.Peters was missing during they morning service and he was very understanding of where we were coming from.

Back to morning tea for the next part of this story, Josh, was with the organ as it sang out the final notes of its time in this life with us. As he turned off each button or flipped each switch for the last time, it was a bittersweet moment.Before turning off the organ, he stopped and said a simple “Thank you” and turned the final switch to off. It was a simple organ who had seen many wonderful years of service, celebrations of marriage and special events and was there to help us say “Goodbye” to friends and family who had gone on to better places. (exactly what we do when we say good-bye to friends and family, we celebrate the good times, Remembering those amazing experiences we shared and to say “Thank You” for making our life a little better while they were in it.)

Josh went back up to the organ to do something and  went to turn it on and there was nothing. No life left in this beautiful creature. I wonder . . That when Josh said Thanks and turned off the organ for the final time, that the essence of our beautiful create knew it was OK to leave this wonderful place. I can’t even begin to imagine what Josh felt at that very moment realizing that this wonderful creature had left us. As he shared with Phil and I you cold see the grief, that part of his soul was gone. You never really get completely over losing something or someone who has changed your life, someone who you are so passionate about, that they take a part of your soul with them.

One Sunday while Phil and I were on duty welcoming, Josh came into practice for the service that evening. I always wanted to see the organ and the view from up there. I got to see the organ and listen a little as Josh played, even got a couple of pictures from up in the air. Thank you Josh for that few minutes of wonderful, I will always cherish climbing those stairs that day.

It is dark and quiet now when you look up there, it is sad and you know that piece is missing, but we know that one day she will return to life, renewed by craftsman who understand how special this part of history is. We have to trust that they will do their very best to look after her, as they bring her back to life.


It will be a bittersweet moment when Josh turns her on for the first time after the repairs have been made. I would love to be there for that moment, to watch Josh as this journey is complete but to also share in that moment when our beautiful pipe organ is reborn.