Bay to City 2014After breaking my toe in June and not being able to do the Adelaide City to Bay, I felt like I had really slid and I needed to do something. I spent almost a month with my feet up not being able to wear a shoe let alone go out and walk.

I bought myself a fitbit, hoping that the motivation of wearing it would get my back side up and moving again. I started really looking at how much I was moving and even how well I was sleeping and could see that things needed to change and it was up to me to make sure they change. I started looking around fit bit on the web site and all the things that I could follow to help me get better. I now long my water intake and what I eat. Just keeping track of my calories intake has been a real eye opener of my diet. I now pay better attention to size portions and getting better at trying to not over eat. I am a comfort food eater, when I get stressed and all, I eat. My comfort meal is 600 mil of Coke, a bag of Chicken flavored potato chips and a block of Cadbury’s chocolate.

Teamed up with my Fit-bit is my walk program, Endomondo which I so totally could not do with out. I get the premium service so I can set the voice coaching. I have set up this time a training plan to help me get ready for the first race in March of 2016. It has been a real experience to throw myself into training of this type. I train 4 days a week, (Tuesday to Friday). I actually look forward to getting out there and getting a good session in but also clearing the head out. At first is was hard to just let the body do its thing but I am training it and I really get surprised how I am going. There are times that I do have to think and hold myself back.

Even Phil is noticing more and more that, he can see the changes. Which really makes me smile, and know that the work is paying off. The shorts are loser and before long I have a feeling I will need a new pair.The new walking shoes are in lay by and I should have those by the end of January so they are broken in well before race day.

I see the doctor on Monday so it is the first check in to see how well my work is finally paying off.