8 weeks ago I did an overhaul of my exercise routine and all. It was a big change but I jumped in with both feet and decided that enough is enough.

Today is check up day. Here in Australia, hubby and I do what we call a wellness check up. We see the Doctor every couple of months, I always get a check up before training for a race. With menopause throwing me a curve it was time for the guidance of how to handle all the changes the body is going through.

I know the sleep has been crap of late and the heat wave we have now in Adelaide is not helping. Mood swings was another issue that I needed to address. If I have been snarly with any of you, please forgive me during this time. I figure I have been pretty lucky if I make it through this time and not kill anyone. . . . HA

It is back on schedule today, watching the water and food, trying to be as active as I can with this heat. Sunday is my day I do not worry too much but I managed to eek out 2 kilometers walking around the house yesterday.

The clothes are a little looser and hubby says you can really see the difference, even  a couple of my girlfriends are said that I am looking good, lets hope that the Doctor has the good news to go along with all the work I have put in so far.