Happy Australia Day

20150618_191551As I was looking through my Face Book Memories for today, I was reminded of this day in 2010. It is when I became an Australian Citizen. It was an amazing day, with Phil proudly watching on.

Since that day many really cool things,  I have been able to do here, that I would never have gotten to back in America. I have to volunteer for our State and Federal member of Parliament. It is something that Phil and I have done together and we have made a difference. We have to meet former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and have a sit down chat with some other close mates. It was amazing and he knew so much about my home state of Ohio. He is a very smart guy, very funny and it is one memory that I will have forever. Thanks Katherine.

I have taken part in a 6 kilometer Fun Run, or Race, Phil thinks I am nuts for doing it but it has made a difference in my health. I missed last years race due to a broken toe, but this year will be doing the second Bay to City which  is 4.5 kilometers on March 20th,  and back for the City to Bay in September, which is 6 kilometers.

I published my first book just after Australia Day last year, which was something on my bucket list and I am getting ready to do it again this year, I have one book in the works for sure , but also a second one. Only time will tell, how things all fall into place.

I always get ask what is the best thing about being an Aussie, and that  is the mate ship. Knowing that I have people there who have my back. We laugh at ourselves but we party safe. We are safe drivers, who are learning better at not texting and driving and not on Periscope and driving. I always think of Maria and how we will never really know what happened that night. I don’t drive anymore, but I do all I can to be a defensive passenger so I do not distract Phil, and help us get to where we need to be safely.

If you know of any Aussie in your part of the world, say, “G’Day” and wish them Happy Australia Day.

If you can, Save a Lamb and eat a Kiwi. . . HA