This is a sneak peek of a chapter of my new book which is called “The View Outside my Window”


A Chair of Dreams – The nightly visit with the #Waxnation and being #ducknapped with Dickie and coffee with #booptroop

I can see you and you are really wondering about the title to this chapter. I am very active on Twitter and there is this new app capped “Periscope”. It is a live streaming app that you can travel around the world and never lead your house.

Screenshot_2015-12-04-17-45-53     One of the places I love going is to a rooftop in New York City. It is 33 floors up and the view is breath-taking. I never get tired of seeing it. The view always reminds me that my dreams are real and that I can achieve anything. Ron Waxman is our nightly host from his rooftop in New York City. Ron is a sports agent in Football or soccer. He is funny, extremely smart, but can also be serious and is always supportive of those of us in Waxnation. That is what we call ourselves who meet on Ron’s rooftop on a regular basis. We have some great conservation, deep and meaningful, when events took place in Paris, we gathered, on Ron’s roof. I remember how much the comments flowed fast that night. It was good to be with friends who were also trying to make sense of what had happened. What got us the most was that Ron was supposed to be in Paris at the very game that was targeted that night.

Ron takes us all over New York City with him and I have fallen in love with the city. This past Christmas we went to all the stores around New York to show us how they decorated for Christmas time. We spent time at Rockefeller Centre, The American Museum of Natural History where “Night at the Museum was filmed and The National Library where “Day after Tomorrow” was filmed.

I want to take this paragraph to say “Thanks” Ron for have a safe place to hang out on your roof. For all the laughs but also being able to discuss anything with you. We can always tweet you at any time, you always let us know that you have seen things. You support us in all that we do, I fell in love with New York because of you and the chair of dreams. Just to meet up with you, and have a scope in Time Square is on my bucket list.

Screenshot_2015-12-04-21-50-44   Dickie Armour is one funny guy, but he is also very smart and has a great business sense. I learn something new every time I am on his scope. Dickie lives in England and sells speciality emails and web sites. Dickie introduced me to Grant Cardone, which was great. Grant is a real go getter, getting you excited about business and how you can make your business the best. I usually never try for anything on periscope because of living overseas and no one usually wants to shop to me. This was everything I could do on-line and it was great. Dickie is so funny but he also uses humour to teach us, Donald Duck makes an appearance and one-day Dickie had to take care of a knock at the door and it took longer than we expected. We thought he had been ducked napped because it took so long for him to return. He teaches us simple things about business and how we can just be better people on this journey. Dickie takes us with him when he goes to conferences or to shows dealing with web sites and all. It is great to watch him do a cold call, making the connection and watching how he hooks in the client he is trying to bring on board.

Thank You Dickie for making business fun, and showing us that we can have a successful business with a bit of work. Thank you for all your support, with my running journey. It does so much to know that even from England you are cheering me on. I can’t wait to catch up soon and see how life is going.

Screenshot_2015-12-11-18-28-38  A Caramel Latte to go is the standard coffee order for Bec Boop as she is on her way to work. Bec is a stunning lady from Ireland working in London. Bec greets everyone, making sure we all feel welcome in her scopes.  She takes us everywhere and I have seen many places in real time I had only seen in pictures. Bec also has a beauty blog which I love reading. Bec is raising money for the Teenage Cancer Trust, a cause close to my heart with my oldest daughter who had cancer at age 13. I was never really taught about makeup and things growing up, reading Bec’s blog has encouraged me to keep trying things and to find what works for me.

During Christmas time, on the morning coffee catch up we had a mascot, his name is Wilford and he is a penguin. It was the take away coffee cup when Bec got her coffee. Christmas time in London was great, with all the lights and special events to go and see with Bec.

Thank you Bec for teaching me about your home city, London is amazing and I can’t wait to see it in person. There are many tourist places to see but also those out-of-the-way places to find. You have taught me that simple beauty is the best, it is OK to try new products and colours. Your blog is amazing and I cannot wait to see where your journey takes you, I can say, “I knew Bec when she was just starting out”