It has been an interesting few days. I can say at least for now I am in a good place. It was a totally different place a few days ago.

I had just finished a run and was on Periscope talking about my run but all of a sudden the trolls showed up and it was terrible, putting me down for how I look and telling me I was ugly. There were other comments made that I will not repeat. I stopped the scope and deleted it. It took a few minutes before I could go back on-line and get it done. I had always turned on my location, and that was the draw of the trolls. After that I do NOT turn it on. If you are a female and on Periscope I beg you PLEASE do not turn on your location. When I did the second scope and did not turn on location, I had no trolls. No one came to the scope but that was OK, I just wanted to get it done.

After getting settled and fluid, I got angry and had a huge rant/cry, about the events. Thank you to my knights in shinning armour who came and stay with me, let me cry and cheered me you. You kind sirs are amazing and I can’t say thank you enough. The trolls won’t win, I won’t let them

Now, yesterday a set of events took place but it was really scary and was also a real wake up call about internet safety. The Periscope family I am a part of rallied around and we made it. Strength in numbers.

40,000 Tweets and 250,00 periscope hearts yesterday – THANK YOU for your love and support

Now for the Inspiration.

Screenshot_2015-12-11-18-28-38I call her my mate and she is so special. Her name is Bec, she is a beauty blogger and accountant. She inspires me by her love of life and just having fun. She is not afraid to try new things, we have coffee with her in the morning and she shows us around London. I can’t wait to see London.

THANK YOU Bec for showing me that life is still fun, trying new things is OK and London is an amazing place.

You have taught this 53-year-old that there is so much more to investigate in this journey we call life