The title of my first book currently on Kindle.

Someone ask me what my book was about and I have actually struggled to answer that question but I am going to give it a go.

My daughter Alisha called it “Chicken soup for the soul crossed with life experience”

The book is about stuff I figured out, at least for me and how things like knitting and crocheting is like making decisions, making choices.

For those who know me, they know my love of sports, especially Ohio State and what they taught me. That tradition and your roots are important, they make up who you are.

My faith is important to me and the chapters sharing St.Peters Cathedral with you, I love to travel and I wanted to show you some of my new homeland.

I tried to come one sentence that said it all and for me I think this was it. . . .

“When Life’s Journey give’s you so much unexpected high’s and low’s, it’s what you do next that can change everything.  

You can find the book here: