As many of you know I am active on an app called “Periscope” and I have a great community there. Many great friends who I adore. I have been seeing scopes all over, with everyone talking about what Periscope has given them and since I am better at writing it, here goes:

I love scoping and I know I need to be more consistent but, I have learned alot from the people whose scopes I visit. My scopes are not good enough to get noticed and talked about by top scopers and that’s OK, I have worked hard to build my own little community, showing life outside my window here in Australia. I love to cook, knit and crochet and I try to share that. I scoped my training for the 4.5  kilometer  Bay to City here in Adelaide. I started training in November of  2015 and the final race was last weekend. I had a lot of response that people were getting up and moving from watching what I did. I cant even find the words to tell you how that good that makes me feel. Soon I will be back training for the 6 kilometer City to Bay and I will be documenting that once again.

What you see is what you get in my scopes, I bear my soul at times and yes I have even cried on Periscope. I share my struggles, celebrate the good stuff. This is who I am, and yes I know I am not as pretty as some people out there and I have crappy dental and all but I don’t need you coming in and tell me things I already know. ( you don’t like it you can leave my scope, cal you tell I hate trolls)

Now time for some Thank You:

To all my girlfriends: I love you guys, your amazing and we have had some great times together and there are great times ahead. We laugh together, have cried together. I am going though Menopause and its great to have those of you who understand that journey

Dany: OMG you so amazing and watching you cook the other night, that was some serious food porn. I cant wait to get to know you even better. Italy was never on my list to visit until now.

Jon: you put our screen shots together in such a creative and amazing way. You always capture the essence of who host the scope. One day mate, let’s have a coffee

Bec Boop: you are inspiring to me in so many way. You give a new and simple way of looking at beauty, you keep it simple but it works. Congrats on being named #4 beauty blogger in London. My wish is to meet Bec and see London with her.

Last but never least

Ron Waxman: You sir are an amazing human being. I have learned so much from you, we all have. I have picked up tips about scoping from you. I had a scoper the other day tell me that they really like that I greeted everyone who came in, I learned that from Ron. Waxnation is a super community of love and support. We laugh together, we grieve together, we have amazing discussion about everything and nothing. There is a joke that I am Ron’s press agent and you know, I don’t mind, because I want those who come to visit to have time with Ron, getting to know him. I knitted Ron a “Cricket Original” and it was fun, and in his favorite colors. I love doing that for close mates, designing something special and just sending it off. I enjoy looking after Ron, even from half way around the world. I fell in love with New York, thanks to Ron. I can’t wait to see all the places he takes us and have those experiences. On my bucket list is a scope in time square with Ron. One day, I will get there.

Thanks Periscope for my extended family, 2016 will be an amazing year.