Periscope is an amazing app, with great potential but now it’s broken and it feels like no one has any clue how to fix it.

People who need to be featured and who are damn good at scoping are getting lost, and it is getting hard and harder to find them. Ron Waxman scopes every night at the same time so we can find him. Those of us in Waxnation share to help everyone find Ron but we should not have to . He should be showing up in the global list and he is not. The map is not working either, it says Ron is on place but he’s really another. (Thanks Ron for letting me share)

The trending list really gives me the craps, its full of things I don’t want to see or care about. I want to see things that are relevant to me.

Periscope was a great app starting out but now they have lost the way. Simple things that use to work don’t. I just want notifications when my favorite scopers come on so I can watch them. The connection of Periscope to Twitter notification is just not cutting it. Some days I get notices, other days I might, some days I must have the app open and refresh it to see who I want.

I know I will never be a top scoper, I won’t get a mention or anything like that, I just want a level playing field. I would give anything just once to trend, just once to have a mention. I work hard but when the high ups decide that my content is not worth, they lose me in the shuffle. It really doesn’t make me want to stay on. I have over 1,700 followers but I am lucky to get maybe 50 when I come on to scope. My Periscope family gives good content, we don’t cross any lines.

I just want the same chance as everyone else, I’m the little guy, how about give us a fair go.