I use to love the app and all, catching up with friends and visiting the world but now, why should I?

I have over 1700 followers, I did a sunrise scope today and I 7 viewers, you read that right, SEVEN. Half the time I have to restart my scope because I am not on the map, and if I do turn map on I run the risk of trolls and being bullied in my scope. I try to be consistent in my time and all but it still does not make a bit of difference

Look, I know I am never going to be a quality scoper, I don’t have the content to do it. I do the best I can with what I have to work with. I just want the level playing field. I have friends who have more followers than me, who do great quality scopes and they are struggling but other scopers notice them. OK, yea, it probably sounds like I am crappy about it, is it wrong to just want to be mentioned with those scopers just once. Yea, ok, maybe I am a little envious of them, what am I doing wrong?

I love my friends and Periscope family but maybe its time to walk away for a while?