OK, Periscope …..YOU WIN


I’m tired of trying to scope and you freezing up just as I am getting started or like the other night you froze in the MIDDLE of my scope.

I’m tired of trying to build an audience and you can’t even get the notifications correct to help. You create un-necessary things to give the trolls and all a better chance of disrupting a scope then fixing the simple things that need fixed.

I have over 1200 people following me and I could only get SEVEN for a recent scope.

I do the very best I can with what I have to work with but you STILL make it difficult for the little guys like me to have any success. Give me one good reason WHY I should keep scoping when you still refuse to create a level playing field.

Guess I go from Scoping to being a  watcher.

Who is going to miss the little guys like me?