cropped-1509187_10151790863085373_1105883732_n.jpgWhen I started writing it was a way to keep my sanity after Phil had his accident. I soon discovered that my lifelong dream was starting to become reality.

I opened my first blog, getting some feedback which I had to learn to take on board, it was not personal it was about my work. I had to get in the right mind-set of how I could make my work even better. 3 years later I have come to discover that I have to find the positives in the feedback, take those little things and use them when I write the next entry.

Opening up the sports blogs was such a huge step. I was raised on Ohio State football and baseball.  I love my sports and will usually turn on Sportscenter over breakfast or busy reading my Twitter feeds to get caught up on what I have missed overnight. I have basically taken what I love and turned it into a way of life.

I wrote my first book a couple of years ago, I wrote my first book. It was just a collection of my blogs with an introduction to each chapter. I self published and all. It was a real learning curve, as I had lots of decisions to make about all the little things and the fact I was really putting myself out there but I already do that each time I hit the publish button.

Late last year I decided it was time for another trip into the unknown, outside the comfort zone as far as I could get, writing my first novel.

There, I said it. I wrote my first novel. Something that puts fear in every writer.

Being a well schooled blogger I know that I have a 1,000 words or less in which to get the job done. OK, I hear you but that is the standards I have set for myself and they work. I can open, make my points and close in less than 1,000 words. In a blog I don’t have the item to be descriptive or anything really. I have to make my points and get out.

Learning to write beyond your comfort is a huge step. In a novel you are responsible for everything, creating characters, their background, telling a story. The hardest part was making sure the story flowed from one chapter to the next. I have never written conservation until now.

It has been fun taking the story idea and putting it down, taking the heroine to hell and bringing her back to finally having love and the man of her dreams.

I am hoping by Christmas to publish this step outside the comfort zone. It has been fun and scary all at the same time, like that first hill on a roller coaster.

Hope this made some kind of sense.

Here’s the question – When is the last time you stepped outside your comfort zone for your passion?