20140822_214419Whatever you do don’t assume that you know a person and who they are mad passionate supporters of and just because they follow one team that they follow the same teams as everyone else?

Ok, I can see you’re scratching your heads on this but let me have a go at explaining.

As many of you know I am a mad passion White Sox fan. I started “A Year with the Chicago White Sox” as a challenge to myself. I love sports especially baseball and football (gridiron as it’s called here in Australia). I was born in Ohio but always followed the Dallas Cowboys.

It was taken that with me following the Sox that I also followed the Chicago Bears. I am a female and I don’t know anything. Basically females don’t know anything about sports. Well, I am sorry to inform all of you, so-called know it all smartass boys that we ladies know our stuff!

Yes, Boys we Ladies know our stuff and probably are smarter than you most of the times. I know a lot of great sassy, extremely smart ladies who are just as knowledgeable about the sports they follow. I have a saying that “if you’re going to bitch, back it up”. You have your opinion and that is fine but give me a good reason you have that opinion.

Writing sports in a career dominated by men, I have to work twice as hard to get noticed. I spend hours researching, digging and reading to be able to know how players are doing, what is going on behind the scenes, reading injury reports and all. I do that because I have to be informed, to share with my readers.

I have set myself standards and I keep to them, I check my sources and make sure my facts are straight. I have a different view of things and yea, maybe it’s because I am a female but it’s also how I choose to look at it.

I think that is the key to all of this, it is how the person looks at the situation. I have been talking with some of the guys from one of the Sox Facebook groups and they have been great. They have backed up their opinions and I have made sure to thank them for sharing with me.

I know this might have been a little all over the place but just remember the next time you think the girls are not as sports smart as you give them credit for, give them a chance they might just teach you a thing or two.